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Medication errors occur in all settings and may or may not cause an adverse drug event (ADE). Medications with complex dosing regimens and those given in specialty areas such as intensive care units, emergency departments, and diagnostic and interventional areas are associated with increased risk of ADEs (Hughes & Blegen, 2018).

There are lots of aspects to have in mind when making a strategy to provide a drug safety approach to patients. The best strategy needs to be the awareness of practitioners as any other provider to sharpen at all times the way we prescribe medications. We need to be consistent following the 5 Rs: right drug, right route, right time, right dose and right patient. It is very important to provide follow up to the patient to determine if the drug is working, being used appropriately and not harming the patient (https://nursejournal.org/, 2018). A lot of teaching needs to be implemented to the patient specifying the importance of compliance with treatment, side effects and adverse effects of the medications and purpose of the medication plan. Another aspect to mention is to be very informed about the patient’s history or if it is the case to make a good assessment to the patient including allergies, family history and having in mind and cultural aspects such as religion and ethnicity.

Another aspect is to know what medications is taking the patient at home, over the counter medications can interfere with the treatment and sometimes patients do not give the importance of this aspect. Patient and family members/caregivers need to be involved in the treatment and for that purpose we can hand them instructions, which can include side effects and interactions.

As family practitioner we are going to see all kind of patients from children to the elderly, so we need to have in mind that we need to tailor the medication regimen according to each patient needs.

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