Education  33

This assignment provides you the opportunity to examine factors involved in sentencing and rehabilitation of offenders.For this assignment, you will examine two offender scenarios. Based upon the scenarios, you will research sentencing policies, sentencing disparity, and the importance of offender rehabilitation, and write a report based on your findings.Offender one is John. This offender’s history includes the following offenses: robberies, grand theft, burglaries, and battery. His arrest history dates back to 1990. He has only a high school education. He grew up in a single-parent family in an impoverished neighborhood.Offender two is Steve. This offender’s history includes the following offenses: drug offenses, burglaries, and larceny. His offense history dates back to 2010. He has a college degree. He grew up in a two-parent family in a suburban neighborhood. His family was victimized by a home-invasion burglary in 2000.1. What factors can impact each offender’s sentence?2. What is the importance of different sentencing policies in these scenarios?3. How important is rehabilitation for each offender? Discuss specific programs that can benefit each offender.4. How effective are the programs you chose to discuss?5. What factors can influence successful reintegration for each offender?Research in the Waldorf Online Library to find information to support the assertions within your response. Write a minimum two-page analysis using the above questions. Use 7th edition APA style when formatting your response, including citations and references. Proofread your work.

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