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Given the importance of library research, the assignment in this unit has two primary purposes. First, it will allow you to practice effectively utilizing databases in the Waldorf Online Library to locate academically credible sources. Next, it will allow you to synthesize your knowledge of path-goal theoryTo begin, follow the below instructions to locate an article in the Waldorf Online Library.Go to the Waldorf Online Library from the Student Portal. A list of databases should appear. Click on “Go to A-Z List” on the right of the screen. An alphabetical list of databases available through the Waldorf’s Online Library will appear. Note: ABI/Inform Collection (Online) and Business Source Complete (Online) will be the two primary databases utilized in this program to conduct research. These will not be the only two because each course and assignment requirements will differ, but this is a good general rule. Click on ABI/Inform Collection (Online). This will lead to a search screen. Note: This is a key portion to doing basic research. Try inputting a few key terms, such as “path-goal theory” or ORG 5000, Personal Leadership Development 2 “expectancy theory.” Take the time to try several searches here, modifying the search criteria. As you will see, the specifics of the search parameters are critical to getting to the information you are looking for. One last point here is that quotation marks can be used for multiword terms. For example, entering expectancy theory results in tens of thousands of results, while “expectancy theory” results in approximately one-tenth of the initial results. For this assignment, you will need to check the “Peer Reviewed” box, and ensure the “Full Text” box is also checked. This ensures you are searching for full, scholarly articles. Another way to reduce the number of results from your search is to seek only peer-reviewed articles. A peer-reviewed article is one that the article author’s peers have reviewed for accuracy and authenticity and confirmed that the information is accurate. Those such articles are the ones you will most often be required to use in this program, so always make sure to check the box that says “Peer Reviewed.” Continuing with the expectancy theory example, using “expectancy theory” (with the quotation marks and checking the Peer Reviewed box should return about 1,590 results). Fewer results makes it easier to find the most relevant articles. Keep in mind, articles are being added and removed from the library as it is updated often, so your search numbers may vary. Enter the following in the search box “path-goal theory is” including the quotation marks. Find and select an article that discusses path-goal theory.Once you have selected your article, you will then write an article critique. It should present an insightful and thorough analysis with strong arguments and evidence. As you critique the article, you will offer your own opinion on the author’s position. In your analysis, consider the following question.How does path-goal theory work? How do task characteristics impact leader behaviors? How does expectancy theory relate to path-goal theory? How do a person’s motivation and values influence the effectiveness of different leader behaviors and thus the results of path-goal theory?Your article critique will be a minimum of three full pages pages, not counting the title and reference pages. You must use at least one source from the Waldorf Online Library in addition to your selected article to support your critique and discussion. All sources used must have proper citations. Your article critique, including all references, will be formatted in APA style.The ARTICLE IS:  The Path Goal Theory of Leader Effectiveness.Reference:   House, R. J. (1971). A Path Goal Theory of Leader Effectiveness. Administrative Science Quarterly, 16(3), 321–339., J. C., & Liska, L. Z. (1993). Path-Goal Theories of Leadership: A Meta-Analysis. Journal of Management, 19(4), 587., P. G. (2019). Leadership: Theory and practice (8th ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.Note:  This is a Master Degree Program, APA is a must and need to APA. APA must be together on point.

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