Education  640 paper

FOLLOW DIRECTIONS & RUBRIC-Science and social studies can seem very abstract to early childhood students. Because of this, it is important for early childhood educators to model and teach effective questioning and observation techniques as integral parts of inquiry-based learning and discovery. This education begins by creating a classroom environment where the students can ask questions, make observations, and explore the world around them based on their own curiosities.Use the “Classroom Architect” to design a classroom map that encourages inquiry-based learning in both science and social studies for young children within your selected grade. Consider how classroom visuals, resources, and materials can be placed in the classroom environment to support science and social studies during daily learning. Label your map to include materials, furniture, and other visual wall design elements that foster an inquiry-based learning environment focused on science and social studies.As you design your classroom, consider the following:Classroom layout (desks and/or tables, carpet/floor space, chairs, etc.)Resources and technological tools, and where they will be located.Traffic flow consistent with age-appropriate physical and social development.Learning centers (layout, cooperative and independent, considerations for all learning styles and abilities, inclusivity, etc.)Storage and display furnishings (tables, chairs, shelves, etc.)Write a 500-750 word explanation of the classroom map that answers the following:What is your rationale for choosing and arranging the objects in the learning environment (consider wall décor and floor space)?How do you foster diversity, openness, creativity, and a social interactive learning  environment in your classroom?How does your classroom design encourage inquiry, discovery, active problem solving, and making real-world connections for the students?How does a well-designed classroom environment help focus attention, engage students in the curriculum, and provide options for meeting individual interests and learning needs?APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.Readings-

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