Education  Applying the Writing Process

PreparePrior to beginning work on this discussion forum, read Chapter 7 in your course textbook. When we see writers on TV shows or in the movies, we often see them working alone, struggling to put words down. But the reality is that writers never have to work alone. They rely on many tools and resources to help them accomplish their tasks. The Writing Center is a powerful tool to help shape and sharpen your writing. Review theWriting Basics Refresher(Links to an external site.)web page, fully considering the resources listed under each of the three steps: Grammar and Punctuation Review, Topic Sentence and Paragraph Development Review, and Overcoming Writer’s Block.Additionally, as we near the end of class, it is important to look ahead to the final essay you will complete in Week 5 as well as take stock of what we have learned about the writing process. First, review theUnderstanding Your Assignment(Links to an external site.)webpage as well as the guidelines for your Week 5 Future Opportunities Essay. You will consider and discuss what you have learned about writing for this discussion post.ReflectAs we have been discussing throughout this course, the writing process requires that you review your purpose or assignment and create an organized structure for your writing before you even start putting words down. At this point in the class, it is only natural to have questions about the different stages of the process. In fact, you may have very particular reactions to specific aspects of the process. For example, there are some writing skills you may feel as if you will never grasp and other skills you feel a ready mastery over. As you consider the different steps on theUnderstanding Your Assignment(Links to an external site.)webpage and assess your understanding of the Week 5 Future Opportunities Essay guidelines, you will position yourself for success.WriteIn 250 to 300 words, address the following points:Identify which one of the three steps listed on the Writing Basics Refresher webpage you most struggle with, in your writing.Describe any writing challenges you have faced and discuss possible strategies you will employ in the future.Identify which one of the five steps listed on the Understanding Your Assignment webpage you feel will be most helpful to you in planning your Week 5 final essay.Describe in detail how you will apply the step you selected to the assignment prompt

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