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You are to plan a small sports development event targeting fellow students at the University. This assessment should summarise the key issues you would need to consider in planning such an event. The assessment should be provided in the format of a portfolio. It could cover the following type of information  The details of the event you planned and the rationale for its choice (e.g. why did you chose the event you did, what Sports Development theory underpinned this etc.)  The needs and wants of customers to help shape the development of your idea  The key steps you would need to undertake to plan the event (e.g. meetings, background research etc.)  The approach to your marketing mix, (product, promotion, marketing and communication)  The importance of teamwork in planning events  The importance of quality leadership and management in making the event happen As this is an applied based exercise, it is expected that you draw upon a wide-variety of information sources, i.e., policy documents, industry periodical articles, as well as academic publications (book chapters and journal articles) to help support your ideas and discussion. All work should be written in the third person.Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of management theory to facilitate case and project work in sport.Work collaboratively using management principles and concepts to develop projects facilitating a desired set of objectives

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