Education  Assignment #2

The following list includes the requirements for this assignment:1. Create a presentation to demonstrate what rolemultimedia/hypermedia and/or distance learning can play on student learning outcomesin your own content area to faculty, parents, or professional colleagues.2. Choose one of  the following “presentation technology” modes. It can be a PowerPoint presentation, a video cast, a Web page (Webinar), or a WebQuest that would be most appropriate for you and your audience. In your presentation,3. Include at least one chart, diagram, or another graphic organizer that exploresmultimedia/hypermedia, and/or distance learning’s potential in the content area you teach.4.Then, list, describe, or illustrate the defining characteristics of multimedia/hypermedia, anddistance learning share, those that make them different from each other, and possibleapplication(s) for improving student learning in your classroom.5. You are presenting this  to an audience of your grade level or department colleagues,or the parent or teacher organization. Your presentation should demonstrate multimedia/hypermedia, and distance learning’s high relative advantage for attaining studentlearning goals.6. Describe the purpose of the presentation and the rationale for the”presentation technology” ( webpage, PowerPoint or similar software, videocast or WebQuest) selected. Make sure to include :A. an introductionB. motivating, questions and opportunities for audience participation.D. In PowerPoint presentations, please use the “speaker notes” when appropriate.E. Your presentation is designed to convince your audience to support the purchase and use of multimedia/hypermedia or distance learning tools. When preparing this assignment, please revisit these sections in our text.  (Starting on Page 171

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