Education  Assignment 2: Blog Assignment: Evaluating Impacts on Professional Practice

As you may have learned throughout your coursework in the program, it is veritably impossible to separate your personal self from your professional identity especially with regard to issues and thinking related to diversity. As an early childhood professional, you bring your individual perspectives, values, hopes, and dreams into any setting in which you work with young children and families. As such, situations that occur in your personal life, whether positive or negative, may influence the ways in which you participate and function in the workplace. And, as you know by now, because the work of early childhood professionals is so relationship driven, these personal-life factors most likely will impact the emotional, intellectual, and social development of the young children and families with whom you work.This Blog will give you the opportunity to consider how experiences in your personal life may shape the interactions and relationships you have with the young children and families in your care.In preparation for this Blog assignment:Recall that in previous courses in this program you have learned about child development, family systems, and the significant influences adult relationships have on children’s social, emotional, and cognitive growth and the forming of social identities.Next, think about what you learned about classism, racism, gender stereotyping and sexism, and other”-isms” prevalent in our society. Consider the ways in which these “–isms” influence people’s well being.Now, imagine that you are an early childhood professional who is experiencing one or more of the “-isms” in your personal life. i.e., people are reacting to you with stereotypes and prejudice. How might such experiences affect your own emotional, cognitive, and physical well being? How might this impact your work with young children and their families?By Day 6Describe in detail the consequences you might expect for the children and families with whom you work while you experience specific “–ism(s)” in your own life. Include specific examples either those you have and/or are experiencing or ones you would anticipate.

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