Education  bme 210 discussion 2

Let’s bring some voices of the oppressed into our curriculum in this discussion.First, read the chapter.Read the poem by Langston Hughes.The Weary Blues.jpg.pdfThe Weary Blues.jpg.pdf – Alternative FormatsListen the song called, Winter in America by Brian Jackson and Gil Scot-Heron. the poem by Gail Tremblay, Indian Singing in 20th Century America.Singing IndianRead Talking Back to Columbus  – Teaching for Justice and Hope by Bill BigelowTalking Back to ColumbusNow, hopefully those works motivated and enlightened you.Find song lyrics or a poem written by a person from a culture that has been oppressed anywhere in the world.Post it in discussion #2 (5 points)Write why you like the poem or song. Now go read other posts and comment on two classmates’ posts. (5 points)

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