Education  Creative Activities

Title: Creative ActivitiesIntroduction: Arts Education includes four separate and distinct disciplines: dance, music, theatre arts, and visual arts – each with its own body of knowledge and skills. Arts education benefits both student and society, because students of the arts disciplines gain powerful tools for:Assignment:1. Create a lesson plan the students age will range from 3-8 years old.2.Be sure it’s creative, age-appropriate, encourages the student to make decisions creatively and solve problems. This activity must consist of art (cutting, gluing, and pasting, marble painting, drawing etc.) or music/movement (making instruments, creating songs/music, dance).3. Tell how you involved this child’s family in this activity, what resources were provided for home learning?Reflection:Write a reflection on your learning from your activity by writing a 2-3 paragraph (5-7) sentences) summary by using the following questions.What form of art did you choose to do with the child (Art or music)?  Why?What was the objective of this activity?  Was the objective achieved, why or why not?Describe how this activity was conducted.Explain what materials were used in completing this activity, what adaptions, strategies or technology were used?Was this an individual activity or group activity?How did this activity support the designated child’s needs?How did you assess the child to determine that he/she would be able to participate in the activity?Self Evaluation:What worked well for you doing this activity?What would you have done differently?In what ways did you encourage your designated student for a positive outcome?What did you learn from the classroom teacher?What are your plans for making improvements?What research in the area of Early Childhood did you use to support the appropriateness of this activity?Grading Criteria:See attached rubric

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