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In thinking back to our discussion with Mr. Edmonson, what are some things that you can do as a lover of hip-hop or as a social media participant to elevate Black content creators’ original works and voices? What are some strategies you can think of from your experience as a social media user to subvert algorhithms that focus on sponsored content that does not honor originators? You may use examples from any social media platform of your choosing, but TikTok and Instagram are probably where dances are shared the most.Consider the following materials from Week 14:The excerpt from Sodowski-Smith’s book The New Immigrant Whiteness,”The Post Soviet Diaspora on Transnational Reality TV”The demographic chart comparing Soviet and Latinx professional dancer casting in Dancing With the StarsThe article “What’s in a Name” by David OutevskyName 3 things that could be considered problematic with DanceSport’s expression of Latin Ballroom and it’s marketing in mass media.  How can these problems be remedied?

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