Education  DBwrittenassignment3

As your program’s family liaison, you are responsible for creating ‘A day in the life of my child’ family resource. This resource is designed to share the child’s daily schedule and routine with their family.Instructions:First, select the format for the family resource: pamphlet, brochure, or handoutNext, create a family resource that:Identifies the child’s age group for whom you are creating the family resource; select from the following age groups:InfantsToddlersPreschoolYoung School-age (6-8 yrs)Provides a detailed and developmentally appropriate daily schedule for the selected age group that acknowledges the intended audience, including the following:ArrivalPlay opportunitiesOutdoor opportunityMealtimesRest opportunityDepartureDescribes the daily schedule and any routines the child will experience in detail.For example, what will the child do upon arrival? What does mealtime look like in your program?Provides a rationale for how each component of daily schedule and routine supports learning and is developmentally appropriate.Uses at least one credible source to support your ideas with correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation in the 1-2-page family resource.Resources:If help creating a family resource, please visit theBrochure, Pamphlet, Handout FAQ

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