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Rosie been admitted to a high risk maternal newborn centre in Toronto due to high blood pressure related to her pregnancy. She has been flown in from Kashechewan, a remote community in northern Ontario. Rosie speaks Cree and a little English. She seems withdrawn and does not make eye contact when spoken to. Her blood pressure is not being well controlled as she is refusing to eat her prescribed high protein, low sodium diet and is not resting as prescribed. The nurse is not certain that she understands her condition and the instructions she has received however Rosie and her baby are at risk if her blood pressure cannot be well controlled.Post a summary of the how the health care team need to approach Rosie in order to assist her in following her treatment plan? What specific needs to be taken into consideration? In your response address at least one element of the Culture Care Framework (Srivastave, p. 56-57).

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