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Find an investigative article related to your topic from either the CPCC Library databases or from the free web (Google, Yahoo, etc). Read the story and summarize/evaluate it on the discussion board (like what you did for your Annotated Bibliography). What was one method of research the author used that you believe made a big impact in the report? Post your response (200 words) to the discussion board and then post a response to another student (200 words).use this story reply back to thisThe article that I selected analyzes the gap between the rich and poor for a decade. The author Jill Barshay discusses that financial disparities increased during the Obama administration (Barshay). From examining a report from the federal education department in 2015, “wealthy and poor schools rose 44 percent over a decade between 2001-2 and 2011-12 (Barshay).“ She also examines the Trump administration data, finding that the gap between rich and poor worsened. Between the 2014-15 and 2015-16 school years, wealthy schools received $473 more per student (Barshay). With inequities in school systems, the article pinpoints an increase of impoverished students in schools. Given a report from the U.S.department of Education in 2016-2017, one out of 4 schools classifies as high poverty due to students being able to qualify for free lunch(Barshay). The article then discusses evidence from two sociologists in 2019 that racial factors affect school income. Concluding that high-quality schools must be produced in impoverished areas, the nation must address segregational funding for minority students, and that disparities increase with impoverished students’ grade levels(Barshay).This article is relevant to my topic because it shows that our government isn’t helping the wealth gap or educational systems for the poor. Reading this article informed me that our government has to do a better job at addressing educational issues and that we should advocate for changes more. The author’s analysis for her study was shown through numerous sources and connections inside the report, which had a significant influence on the report. The source was also credible because the report is published by Hechinger Report. They’re a national nonprofit organization that writes and studies educational issues.

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