Education  health behavior final report

Please answer the questions provided for you below.  Summarize the progress you have made to date plus your plan for the future.  When restating your goal, make sure it is a complete set up statement that has your target behavior AND goal listed.  Do not write a vague goal, it should be specific.  For example, if your goal was to exercise 3-4 days a week for a min of 30 min in order to lose 5 lbs,  make sure you answer ALL components.Goal: Re-state the SMART goal from your Health Behavior Change contract  ( if it was not correct or specific in your week 1 assignment, correct it here in this assignment.)Accomplishment: Describe briefly the progress you made towards your goal. Be specific. Don’t just indicate that you lost weight; include how much weight you lost. If you did not make any progress, state that.Successful Strategies: List at least 3 strategies that you have found useful to you as you worked towards your goal.Obstacles: List either of the following:at least 2 obstacles that you successfully overcame as you worked towards achieving your goal and how you overcome them; ORat least 2 obstacles you encountered but were not able to overcome and how you could overcome them in the futureMaintenance: Describe briefly what you plan to do from now on to either achieve your goal, or maintain your successful attainment of the goal.

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