Education  Healthy People 2020: Understanding and Improving Health (1)

Healthy People 2020: Understanding and Improving HealthPlease answer the following 2 questions:Discuss      whether or not you believe that the mission and goals for Healthy People      2020 are reasonable given the major health concerns facing our      communities. Of the 2020 topics, discuss Hearing and Other Sensory or      Communication Disorders and its impact on public health. (Must useallfollowing resources)- Brush, C. A., Kelly, M. M., Greene, D., Gaffney, M., Kattwinkel, J., & French, M. (2005). Meeting the challenge: Using policy to improve children’s health. American Journal of Public Health, 95(11), 1904. Retrieved from ProQuest.- Hearing and Other Sensory or Communication Disorders. (n.d.). Retrieved from Klein, K. E., Spratford, M., Redfern, A., & Walker, E. A. (2019). Effects of grade and school services on children’s responsibility for hearing aid care. American Journal of Audiology (Online), 28(3), 673-685. doi: and contrastthe “focus areas” for Healthy People 2010 vs. Healthy People 2020.  Must useallresources provided.- What are their similarities?- Are there any differences?- “In your opinion” and given the current health trends, why is “Access to Health Services” the single most important health topic for Healthy People 2020?Resources:Hardy, L. J., Bohan, K. D., & Trotter, R. T. (2013). Synthesizing evidence-based strategies and community-engaged research: a model to address social determinants of health. Public Health Reports, 128(6_suppl3), 68-76.Healthy People – Healthy People Homepage. (2020, September 25). Retrieved from, I. (2018). Public health aspects of global population health and well-being in the 21st century regarding determinants of health. International Journal of Preventive Medicine, 9(1), 4.Length: 2-3 pages, APA format, requires good thoughts and ideas.

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