Education  Improvement Plan

For your Signature Assignment, you will develop an improvement plan for use within your own learning organization. Although you will be developing the plan, you will not have to actually implement it for this class. Use the template provided in the Books and Resources for this week.You will be writing this plan as a member of the leadership team of your learning organization. Begin by identifying an area of improvement you would like to address within your organization.Your area of improvement should be related to one of the following general areas:Leadership and Student/Learner AchievementLeadership and Instructional/Training PracticesLeadership and Professional Development for Staff/ConstituentsLeadership and Family/Community EngagementLeadership and Organizational CultureYour plan will:Introduce the areas of improvement:Identify the general area of improvement (for example, leadership and student/learner achievement).Explain the specific area of improvement (for example, math test scores of 9th grade second-language learners are below average).Supply documentation, including dataset(s) and analysis that supports the existence of a problem in the identified area of improvement. You may use a dataset from your organization, if available, or you may generate a fictional set of data. (See sample dataset.)Include supporting research (what has been written about your area of improvement, as it relates to the role of leadership in addressing the problem).Include an evaluation of the overall culture within your organization.Produce a self-evaluation plan for the leadership team.Provide a list of 3-5 other individuals (by title, not name) who can serve on an improvement committee with you. You should choose committee members based on their functional role and who have knowledge and expertise in the area you are focusing on in your improvement plan.Generate a list of internal and external stakeholders and a plan for including stakeholder feedback into your improvement plan.Develop an action plan including a timeline.Goals and ObjectivesAction PlanEvaluation PlanLength: Completed improvement plan template, including relevant dataset(s) as appendices, title, and reference pagesReferences: a minimum of 5 resources

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