Education  Infants and Toddlers with Special Needs Assignment

Introduction: This assignment highlights the efforts of specialist who work in conjunction with families and teachers to provide high quality educational services to a child with challenges.The AssignmentRead the article (attached) “Collaborative Identification and Intervention in an Early Childhood Setting: Woody’s Story” by Joni Baldwin and Patty Sorrell found in Young Children May 2013.Using the article and the Guiding Principles found in NCFELD (pages 13-14) list at least 5 principles found in the article.Write a 3 paragraph (or more) response on how the NCFELD Guiding Principles apply to what the caregivers in the article do in support of Woody and his family in relation to each principle chosen.Is there a certain Developmental Domain used by the caregivers and interventionists when working with Woody?Remember to write in a manner that if sharing this with a parent, co-worker or other outside person, they would be able to understand your explanations.If you have difficulty accessing any of these websites or the PDF please contact me for assistance.Grading Criteria:25 points- at least three paragraphs submitted (at least 7 sentences in each paragraph)30 points- List of all Guiding principles found or implied in the article30 points- Proof of a clear understanding of the guiding principles and a clear connection between Guiding Principles and the article15 points- Correct use of grammar, spelling, sentence structure, response must be understood by parent, co worker, or any other outside source.Resources: Read the attached materials and NCFELD link

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