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Our issue to discuss this week is how social media has impacted the recruiting of prospective student-athletes to colleges and universities. While social media has provided an additional avenue for coaches and prospective student-athletes to engage in conversation, it has also provided coaches additional insight into a prospective student-athlete’s personality and off-the-field conduct.Please develop a DB post this week addressing whether it is appropriate for colleges and universities to monitor the social media use of student-athletes they are recruiting. Additionally, please explain how you would handle a situation where your top recruit was behaving in an inappropriate manner on social media.Support your statements with evidence from the required studies and your research. Cite and reference your sources in APA style.Please note…there ARE NO REQUIRED RESPONSES TO CLASSMATES due in week #3.  Please focus your attention on Assignment #3, “West Virginia University Recruiting Infractions Case.”  In other words, you are only required to make your own initial DB post…no reflections/questions/comments to your classmates.  I will respond, but not with questions…only with an assessment of your thoughts, so you do not reply to my posts either.ReferencesThe ‘Social’ Science of Recruiting (ESPN, January 26, 2016). Retrieved from

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