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Reflective Journal: Ethics and DiversityOverviewDuring your course of study in the M.Ed. program you have examined issues relating to ethics in the educational setting and the importance of promoting diversity.In this journal, you will reflect on these Master’s of Education program learning outcomes:Ethics: Examine major legal, social, and ethical issues affecting education in diverse learning environments.Diversity: Promote differentiated learning and multi-ethnic, multicultural, and global awareness and appreciation in instructional methods, program curricula, and assessment practices.Requirements:Write a 1–2 page paper in which you:Reflect upon what you have learned throughout your coursework related to ethical issues in education, and discuss the fundamental manner in which your ideas, values, beliefs, practices, etc. have or have not changed as a result.Examine how your coursework in the M.Ed. program and your work experience have helped you to grow in the areas of ethics and diversity and how you have used or will use these competencies in your current or future position.Attach one to three pieces of your chosen previous assignments as artifacts to demonstrate your competencies in the areas of ethics and diversity. Identify the ID and title (for example: EDU599 – Education Capstone) of the courses for which you had produced the assignments.If you do not have an artifact, attach the descriptions of your chosen previous assignments (This will become your artifact submission). Artifacts do not count as part of the one to two page length requirement.

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