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Respond to this!Children’s Advocacy Center of Southwest Florida is a local organization with the mission to “is to provide a coordinated response to child victims of abuse and neglect; and improve the lives of at-risk children and their families through prevention services” (ABOUT US, 2022). A good mission statement is meant to be short and concise and answer three questions of what they do, why they are unique, and what social needs are addressed (Lewis et al., 2011). This organization answers what they do and what social needs are addressed, but is not specific on why they are unique. Improving the phrasing to include why they are unique can make them stand out more when people are deciding which organization to support. The vision of this organization is to provide children with a safe place that are believed to have been abused. This vision clarifies the organization’s direction and goals while remaining short. The vision does not focus on the future and could contain more about what they will accomplish going forward. The values shared are just what is included in the mission and could be laid out individually to ensure any new volunteers or team members know what expectations are to be held. Conflicts can arise at times as each profession may have a different way of going about something. An organization with specific goals and values may want things done a certain way to ensure everyone gets the same treatment and resources. This may become an issue with an individual team member who may normally go about things differently. Collaborating ideas can help solve a conflict in these areas, but setting clear values and boundaries before bringing anyone in can help prevent these from happening.Reply

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