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InstructionsThe mayor and city council members of Seatville have hired you as a consultant to determine the transportation modes within their city. The mayor wants to know where to spend budget dollars to improve infrastructure and transportation modes. Being a diligent consultant, you interviewed 1,255 people during a 16-week period. You determined the following methods of transportation were used:850 residents drove a personal car,200 used public transportation (bus),5 rode a bicycle,50 walked, and150 rode a motorcycle.Prepare a report that outlines the requirements of your consulting task. In your report, you should include the following:Provide an introduction that outlines the problem and gives on overview of the situation as well as a conclusion that sums up your report.Develop and explain the probability and relative frequency of the data you found for each mode of transportation.Compute the relative frequencies to two decimal places. If you need practice computing relative frequency, watch the Unit II Relative Frequency Example video created by the CSU Math Center.Use this data to make a final recommendation of where the mayor and city council should spend their infrastructure/transportation.Your completed report must be at least three pages in length, and you must use your textbook and at least one other

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