Education  Research Proposal Assignment

Research ProposalThe articles for this proposal is attached to this assignment.The origin of my research question comes from the impact of school counseling character education counseling lessons have on students’ academic achievement and social-emotional health. Many students, especially 3rd grade students are failing reading, writing, and language due to frustrations that have at home, school, and community.Research question: What is the impact of character education counseling lessons on increasing academic achievement in Reading, Writing, and Literacy?Students come to school with an array of concerns and teaching character education, reviewing data, working as a team with the teachers, administrators, etc. will increase student achievement.Instructions for assignment below:The culminating project for the course is a research proposal that will be structured for conducting an authentic research study for improving the current counseling program at your school or enhancing school counseling practice in your school system.  The following questions must be answered in the paper. Plagiarism 15% or more will receive a grade of “0”.Submissions must be in APA format.  Do not use outline form.1. A brief description of the current situation and an intervention or research intended to change it or clarify the phenomena in terms of efficacy or lack of efficacy.2. Literature Review1. (One sentence only.) The purpose of this study is to ____________.2. What study or studies or literature review has most directly inspired your study? (Give citation(s).)3. How does your study build on previous research? (No more than 3 sentences.)4. How will your study contribute to knowledge about school counseling or defend an implementation of your efforts to refine/develop your school counseling program.  (No more than 3 sentences.)5. Research Questions, Hypotheses, and Objectives1. In what form are you stating your research purposes? (Check one or more.)Create a log (a list) of the searches used initially in your searches for literature.  If you use a library other than your schools, your lists should be specific to each library.  The more detailed you keep your search log the more your professors can help you hone your research and your literature review.2. Create an abbreviated literature review or annotated bibliography. This should support your intervention or investigation, the need for the research or program change, and the gap in the literature or program that your research could possibly explore.3. Purpose of the Study______Questions _______Hypotheses _______Objectives1. List your research questions/hypotheses/objectives.2. What is the particular research theory and or counseling theory do you intend to use?3. Research Design1. If your study is quantitative in nature, describe the characteristics of the population that you will study. If your study is qualitative in nature, describe the phenomenon you wish to study and the cases that comprise instances of the phenomenon.2. Identify your sampling procedure (e.g., simple random sampling), and explain why you selected it.3. Indicate the sampling unit (e.g., individual students or a class of students).4. Indicate the size of your sample, and explain why that sample size is sufficient.5. Indicate whether the sample will be formed into subgroups, and if so, describe the characteristics of the subgroups.6.Variables1. List the measures that you will select or develop for your study.2. If your study is quantitative in nature, indicate the variables that each measure will assess. For each measure, indicate which types of validity and reliability are relevant and how you will check them.3. If your study is qualitative in nature, indicate the themes and patterns that it possibly will explore. Also, indicate whether your data collection will focus on etic or emic perspectives, or both. Explain whether and how you will collect data on the context in which the research participants function. Explain, too, your role in the data collection process.Data Analysis Procedures1. What statistics, if any, will you use to analyze your data? If your study is qualitative, indicate whether you will use an interpretational, structural, or reflective method of analysis. If your study is quantitative in nature, list the variables that you will study. For each variable, indicate whether it is an independent variable, a dependent variable, or neither. If the study is qualitative in nature, describe the aspects of the cases on which data collection and analysis will focus.2. Methods of Data Collection1. Describe the research design that you selected for your study: descriptive, causal-comparative, correlational, experimental, case study, historical, evaluation, or action research, a particular qualitative research tradition, or educational research and development.  Be sure to link your design with the research and/or counseling you mentioned above.2. If the study is quantitative in nature, what are the threats to the internal validity of your research design? What will you do to minimize or avoid these threats?3. If your study is quantitative in nature, what are the limitations to the generalizability (i.e., external validity) of the findings that will result from your research design? What will you do to maximize the generalizability of your findings?4. If you study is qualitative in nature, what criteria for ensuring its soundness and rigor and what steps to ensure its applicability do you consider to be relevant to your research design?Sampling11.  TimelineCreate a time lime listing in order the major steps of your study (include approvals and IRB submission) and the approximate amount each step will take.12. Ethics and Human Relationsa. What threats, if any, does your study pose for your research participants? What steps will you take to minimize these threats?1. How will you gain consents to collect data?2. How will you gain the cooperation of your research participants?

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