Education  Restructuring youth sports at Woodridge Athletic Recreation Center

You have just been appointed general coordinator of youth sport at WARC. On the first day in office, the club manager calls you to your office. After the formalities of welcome and presentations, she asks you to start thinking whether it is necessary to reform the current organizational structure in the sports sections for youth sports. The manager had been discussing this aspect with the different sport managers in each sport section, although these discussions did not lead to any kind of consensus, since they were based only on their subjective and ‘expert’ perceptions. This was not enough to raise a proposal to the club’s Board of Directors. In 48 hours, you are invited to a meeting in which you will have to explain what you propose to answer your concerns.What would you do?In two days, and just newly arrived, it is impossible to assess whether to modify the management of youth sport in the club. Therefore, the answer at the future meeting will be: ‘I do not know, but I can propose the next steps to be able to decide’.Explain the sequence of actions you would take to decide on the problem raised by the manager.-  What would you analyze?-  Who should participate in the process?-  Which major sections would include the final report?-  How much time would you need to carry out the proposed actions?*only write what you would do in each of these 4 questions, maximum of 4 pages*—OBJECTIVE:To discover the decision-making process of high impact in a sports facility.PREVIOUS REFERENCES:This case study should only be used as a general contextualization. Much of the information showed in the case, is not necessary to answer this assignment. Nevertheless, the reading of the case study may be a good example a description of an organization managing a sports facility.

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