Education  Simulation Activity Report

500-600 wordsYou should personally simulate a handicapping condition for three consecutive hours while awake in public. This question must be completed in a public place. The only person that should know what is going is the person you enlist as an aid or as a guide and/or helper.  When you encounter others who may questions what is going on you should remain as you were with your simulated condition. In other words do not stop your simulation to example why or what’s going on. I want you to have the full experience. Your dorm room or home does not count as a public place. You should not inform anyone beyond the person you may require assistance from as to what you are doing until after the three hours are complete. At the end of the experience, you should write a report summarizing your experience by addressing the following: Condition, Why chosen, Preparation, Where conducted; Reactions of others you encountered during your simulation experience; Your comfort level while completing the activity; Senses used to manipulate your environment, and your overall reaction to activity. Finally, After completing this question how will this impact how you will respond to and teach students with disabilities?

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