Education  Social Development

Social Development“How well children perceive, interpret, and respond to the variety of social situations they encounter is a measure of their social competence” (Kostelnik, Soderman, Whiren, & Rupiper, 2015, p. 434).Social competence involves the knowledge and skills children need to successfully navigate their world. In essence, taking the time to help children grow in this domain will have a positive impact on each and every domain of development, and as such fits in each and every aspect of the curriculum. For this discussion you will explore how this topic fits into the overall curriculum, and your role in facilitating growth in the social domain.To prepare for this discussion, view the video Trailer: What Can We Do? Bias, Bullying and Bystanders (Links to an external site.).In your initial post:Summarize the role that families play in the social development of young children.Analyze your role in guiding children through each of the four dimensions of the social domain (i.e., social skills, socialization, social responsibility, social studies).Identify how valuing and respecting human diversity integrates all four dimensions of the social domain. Support this portion of your post with the text.Explain how intentional teaching in the social domain supports a safe classroom environment and aligns with the actions of the teachers in the video Trailer: What Can We Do? Bias, Bullying and Bystanders (Links to an external site.).Locate the standards for your state. While many states outline academic standards, social and affective development is often excluded. Do your state standards include a section devoted to affective and social development? If not, why do you feel they are not included? If so, are they in alignment with the goals for children outlined in your reading this week?

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