Education  The CRAAP Test

Prepare:Read Module 3 of your course textbook and review theWhat is CRAAP? A Guide to Evaluating Web Sources (Links to an external site.)PDF.Watch theGEN103 Determining Authority(Links to an external site.)andGEN103 Determining Currency(Links to an external site.)videos.Find a non-scholarly web page that relates to your research question (you can use this web page for your annotated bibliography). Keep in mind you are to find a web page and not a website. Review theWebsites versus Web Pages handoutdownload to be sure you understand the difference between the two.Examine your chosen non-scholarly web page for currency, relevance, authority, accuracy, and purpose.Reflect:Reflect on the elements of the CRAAP test and how each one indicates the credibility and reliability of a source.Consider how your evaluation of each of these elements affects your understanding of the strength of the source.Think about why it is important to evaluate any web page that you plan to rely on for information.Write:Apply the CRAAP test to your source.For each of the CRAAP criteria, start a new paragraph.In each paragraph, state which criterion you are addressing and evaluate the source based on that criterion.Provide specific examples to support your evaluation.Evaluate your source’s overall strength based on the elements of the CRAAP test. Is this source appropriate to use in answering to your research question, why or why not?Explain one thing you have learned from the process of doing this CRAAP test.Provide a properly formatted APA reference to the web page at the end of your initial post. Your initial post must be at least 350 words and address all of the prompt’s elements.You must cite and reference any sources that you use in your posts, including your textbook or any other sources of information that you use. Please refer to the Writing Center’sCiting Within Your Paper (Links to an external site.)andFormatting Your References List (Links to an external site.)for help with citing and referencing your sources.

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