Education  Urgent 2

At this stage in the unit development, you have aligned student learning to state, national, and technology standards, and assessed your students’ knowledge and abilities related to your targeted content.Collaborate with your cooperating teacher/mentor to design a unit of instruction that aligns to state content standards. Include technology integration and demonstrate how you will differentiate your lessons to meet the needs of individual students. Implement your unit and analyze data to determine learning outcomes.Follow the instructions found in the STEP Template. Complete STEP Standards 3-5 that includes the following:Assessment and Data LiteracyUnit and Lesson planningImplementation of Instructional Unit: Create a video using any video recording device. Choose one of the lesson activities to video record a 5-10 minute segment to review and reflect on your teaching. Have your cooperating teacher/mentor review the recording and provide feedback, if possible.APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.

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