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the teacher candidate will teach one explicit instruction lesson in ELA to support the use of assessment data to improve student outcomes. Students will choose the following standards to create their explicit instruction lesson plan for a 3rd or 6th-grade class. Please use the MS State Standards while completing this. Prepare for and participate effectively in a range of conversations and collaborations with diverse partners, building on others’ ideas and expressing their own clearly and persuasively.You are a 3rd or 6th-grade teacher preparing to teach a reading lesson on fluency to a diverse group of students in an inclusion classroom. Remember you can use strategies from the articles on Student Engagement to come up with lesson activities. Harrison is one of your students, he has a specific learning disability in reading. Create your lesson plan and gather supplementary materials based on the fluency data in appendix B. The lesson plan should be created to forward Harrison’s progress in fluency as stated in his IEP.ObjectiveTeachers will integrate HLP #6 into a lesson they create. Then they will teach an explicit instruction lesson that incorporates evidence-based strategies that promote assessment data, analysis of instructional practices, and modifying instruction to improve student outcomes in the area of literacy.To hit this objective teacher candidates will:·       Develop appropriate instructional goals based on existing student data.·       Evaluate student data to adjust instruction.·       Manage and engage ongoing data collection during the teaching of the lesson.·       Utilize curriculum-based measures, informal classroom assessments, observations of student academic performance and behavior, and/or self-assessment of classroom instruction.·       Facilitate discussions with key stakeholders (students, parents, etc.)·       Set goals for own teaching based on valid hypotheses from instruction.Teacher-created lesson plans & accompanying documents (i.e., graphic organizers, PowerPoint, etc.)

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