Education  week 2

Of the many complex issues facing teachers today, working with students of diverse backgrounds, cultures, and socioeconomic circumstances rises to the top as a concern that directly impacts children’s educational, social, and emotional growth. And with technology becoming more and more central to ways in which students learn and create, unequal access to technology-based tools can present as a challenge to virtual and in-person classrooms alike.Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:What are some of the challenges you can see in teaching with technology in a class with diverse backgrounds and circumstances?What are some ways you can use the power of technology in order to teach students to respect and appreciate the diversity represented in their classmates and in the larger community?What online learning tools might you use in these efforts? Explain and provide specific examples to support your response.Review theCollege’s Conceptual Framework.How does this topic link to the College’s Conceptual Framework and the framework’s philosophical relationship to effective teacher preparation?

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