Education  WHo is able to complete this discussion?

Prior to beginning work on this discussion, read A  Dollar Store’s Rich Allure in India: A U.S. Franchise’s Success Shows  How “Made in America” Sells; Lessons for Wal-Mart’s Entry?, Walmart: What happened in India? (Links to an external site.), and Walmart expands again in India—but still not able to open consumer stores to consumer detriment (Links to an external site.).Leaders often look for new opportunities for expanding the operations  of their organizations beyond the borders of the country of origin.  Research and discuss two articles that detail difficulties experienced  by Walmart in attempting to expand operations into another country.  Discuss a lesson that can be learned by leadership on attempting to  expand into another country. Your discussion post should be 300 words or more.Please cite the discussion in APA format. I have attached the articles below that need to be used.

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