Effects Of Managed Healthcare And Legal Developments Discussion Help

pleas answer those 5 questions

1- Describe the 5 critical legal developments that have dramatically altered the healthcare industry according to Clark C. Havighurst, and explain how they still impact the industry today.

2- How does the focus on Accountable Care Organizations significantly change the focus when compared with the HMO Act of 1973? What have we learned as a nation with this change?

3-With the March 2010 adoption of the Affordable Care Act, the US re-emphasized consumer education: participation in their own care, awareness of their coverage benefits/exclusions and focus on individual responsibility. In your opinion, how should Managed Care entities encourage/support these efforts for their members?

4-Describe the position of underwriter for a managed care organization. What important role does this position play and how could it make or break the organization?

5- Managed Care organizations have a responsibility of reducing the overall cost of care while preserving positive outcomes for the members of the plan. What are some of the ways it accomplishes this?

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