Employee Turnover in Retail Environment Annotated Bibliography Paper

You will search for research literature that deals with your problem or topic area. (File of Problem Statement and Organization Description attached) Based on “key words” of your topic (This does not include internet articles unless peer reviewed.) Read and review the article abstracts from this first search. Pick a few articles to print and read completely. Look at the reference list in each article. Then refine and expand your search (i.e. what is it you are really looking at?) by conducting a detailed search of the reference article databases. At least half of your articles MUST come from peer reviewed journals. The other half may come from other peer reviewed sources such as textbooks, .edu and .gov sites, etc.…. Searching the internet for articles that are not peer reviewed is not acceptable. This includes opinions, blogs, or Wikipedia. You must create an Annotated Bibliography of 11 – 14 articles. An annotated bibliography consists of writing one-third to one-half page per article that you collected (double spaced) on which you provide the basic article information (APA citation), and then provide one to two paragraph summary of article (note: please do not retype the article’s abstract). Your citations and references must follow the American Psychological Association Style Guidelines. You must include a cover page. No reference page at the end is needed

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