ENG120 Cuyamaca Costco Store Low Prices and Quality Services Profile Essay

i all ready went to Costco and i wrote some notes maybe will helps u to write the essay.

1-beside the entrance there is food court they sell very cheap pizza 18 inches for 10 dls they have combo and cheese and pepperoni also they have very cheap hot dog cost 1.50 dls with drink ,chicken bake 2.99 dls ,cesar salad .3.99 and also they have ice cream

2- beside the food court they have tire center and the sell good quality tires for cheap price too and the can give u credit cart to make a payment

3 .when u enter the building there is one person who checking your membership cart .

4- you cant buy any thing from the store if u dont have membership ,there is 2 type of member ship the first one cost 120 dls and the give u in the end of the year 4% rewards and the 2nd one cost 60 dls with out rewards

5- when u enter from the main entrance there is photo center on your right side and the provide many of services like passport photos ,photo repair ,inkrefill.film and video transfer and metal prints.

6-they sell different kinds of tv and u can make payment on it alsi they are more cheap then other stores they have 4k tv cost 1779.99dls and they provide it with warranty.

7- there is section they sell on it computers laptop and accessories for it with warranty to 2 years.

8- they have new items they put it now for summer like swim suite sun classes and boards for surf.

9-the have samll corner called wirles center and the provide with some vrizzine company

10- in the sharp right corner of store they have alcohol court they have many kinds of drinks like wine ,whiskey, beer, tequila , vodka ,champagne. also they have jabanies drink called sake

11-most of there producte the show it on wood pallet and plastek pallet i never saw any store shows the coustmer the produce in this way

12-they have bakery also .and its bake fresh bread and bagels . they have very cheap rolls dinner it cost 3.99 for 36 count .13- beside the bakery there is meat and see food place and they have many kinds of meat and most of them are organic like beef ground and cheken tender .

14- also they have roasted chicken they are hot and ribs

15-beside the bakery and meat place the hvae big cooler and they save on it the fruit and vegetables most of them are organic like dilly ,lettuce .grape and avocado

16- in the left side of the store there is many refrigerators for frozen foods.

17=what make me in shocks they have in each corner of those refrigerators person who has microwave and give to u samples of frozen food i did not seen that in any store here in usa

18 -they give sample of tacos ,ice cram ,burger, hot dog, chicken breast , ……

19- they have small corner and they sell on it cake for birthdays

20 they have corner and they sell on it flowers

21- they have many of cashires they are 16

22- when u pay and u want to leave in the right side of the store they have optical center they sell on it diffrent kind of classed also the can check your eyes and give u the classes that u need .

23 on the left side of the exit the have couple if companys they provde u solar system and carpet set up

24 they have also machines to sell water and to smash the coffee.

25- some costco store they have gas station and they sell the cheapest price in the town

26- there is company called Kirkland and this company only works for costco they have alot think that they produce ,clothes , youkert ,juice , alcohol. nuts , ham,pacon, chicken ,organic meat ,beef ,hot dog ,….. and they dont sell only for costco

other note maybe u can found it on line about the store of store and when they open there companty .

note i will send u the folder of essay that explaine to u how will u write it

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