ENGL124 Fake News and The Unstable State of Journalism Today

Please submit a doc, docx, or pdf version of your rough draft here. Use the following highlighting pattern in Microsoft Word or Google Docs, and be sure to use lighter versions of these colors so that I can read your draft. While the final draft must be 2,000-2,500 words. Please note that as long as your draft meets the minimum word count and is highlighted, you will receive the full points.

  • Thesis Statement=Yellow (Last sentence of introduction paragraph)
  • Topic Sentences=Green (Should be first sentence of each body paragraph)
  • Forwarding Moves=Orange (This is when you are using a quote or idea from one of your outside sources and forwarding that person’s ideas. Most of the time, when you are integrating a quote, you are probably forwarding. Therefore, you should have more than one example of this.)
  • Countering Moves=Blue (This is when you are using a quote or idea from one of your outside sources and countering that person’s ideas. You need a minimum of one countering move.)

Note: 1. The question above is what the essay should argue about.

2. The teacher asked for intro, four body paragraphs, conclusion, and the last page should be at least 5 resources.

3. she needs two bodies about how fake news effect us, and the two bodies what is the solution.

4. In the first file “Fake News Articles, set 2”, there are two articles and three out side resources. Please write about all of them, because she need 5 resources.

5. The other two files are just for you if you need any help.

Thanks for helping

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