ENT 527 UOPX Exploring Business Success Strategies Web Exercise

Resource : Exploring Business Success Strategies Web Exercise Grading Guide

Resources: Pull the financial statements of AMAZON and APPLE in the industry that you are interested in entering. Try to find companies that are pursuing different strategies.

  • Examine their business models and see if you can identify the drivers that they are influencing to achieve their strategy.
  • Explain what you learned about their revenue model, cost model, product mix, distribution channels, partners, target customers, and value proposition.

Evaluate business success strategies in a minimum of 600 words in which you discuss the following questions:

  • Discuss what lessons you can learn for your own venture.
  • Explain what useful new elements you can incorporate into your business model.
  • Discuss how these elements tie to your strategy.

Cite a minimum of 1 peer reviewed reference from the University of Phoenix Library and 1 website reference.

Format assignment consistent with APA guidelines.

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