EU and UK Relationship After Brexit and Its Effect on Global Business Research Paper

The paper should have an introduction with a thesis, well defined and analyzed subtopics and a conclusion. Make sure you use proper headings. Topic: EU and U.K. relationship after Brexit and its effect on global business.


Paper must be formatted using APA style. Must be at least 10 pages (including cover page and reference page), one-inch margin all around, Times New Roman 12 points, double space. It must have a minimum of 15 sources, the majority of which must be dated within the last three years and come from scholarly sources.

It is expected of each student to use a minimum of five 15 scholarly sources and organize the paper with titles and sub-titles, a cover page, introduction, thesis, body/subtopics, conclusion,and references using the APA style.


  1. Introduction
  2. Introductory Statement
  3. Thesis Statement
  4. Body
    First Subtopic
    1. supporting evidence
    2. supporting evidence
    3. supporting evidence.

Second Subtopic
Third Subtopic


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