Final for my masters nonprofit human resource management class

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Explanation of Assignments:


Students are to complete the following for the agency they are working at now or have been employed at in the past. If you have never been employed by an agency, then interview an incumbent working in a public or nonprofit agency.

Workforce Planning Questions: For your respective organization, create a double-spaced, 1 inch margin paper with appropriate appendices to include:

Describe the mission, strategic goals, objectives, and business functions of the agency. Discuss what changes, if any, may take place over the next few years that could affect the agency’s mission, objectives, and strategies.

Basic information to include in the introduction to the workforce plan:

o Agency mission

o Agency strategic goals and objectives

o Core business functions

o Anticipated changes to the mission, strategies, and goals over the next five years

Step 1: Current Workforce Profile (Supply Analysis)

Describe the agency’s current workforce by assessing whether current employees have the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to address critical business issues in the future.

Basic information to include in the workforce plan:

o Demographics information, including age, gender, ethnicity, and length of service

o Percent of workforce eligible to retire

o Agency turnover

o Projected employee turnover rate over the next five years

o Workforce skills critical to the mission and goals of the agency


Step Two:Future Workforce Profile (Demand Analysis)

Develop a future business and staffing outlook. Determine trends, future influences, and challenges for the agency’s business functions, new and at-risk business, and workforce composition.

Basic information to include in the workforce plan:

o Expected workforce changes driven by factors such as changing missions, goals, strategies, technology, work, workloads, and work processes (i.e., future workforce skills needed; anticipated increase or decrease in the number of employees needed to do the work)

Critical functions that must be performed to achieve the strategic plan


Step 3: Gap Analysis Identify gaps (shortages) and surpluses (excesses) in staffing and skill levels needed to meet future functional requirements.

Basic information to include in the workforce plan:

o Anticipated surplus or shortage in staffing levels

o Anticipated surplus or shortage of skills

NPA 50300OL: Human Resources in Nonprofit Organization

Step 4: Strategy Development

Develop strategies for workforce transition.

List specific goals to address workforce competency gaps or surpluses (may include the following):

o Changes in organizational structure

o Succession planning

o Retention programs

o Recruitment plans

o Career development programs

o Leadership development

o Organizational training and employee develop

    • For back ground info, I had to be placed into this course late minute due to miscommunication at my school, it was 3 weeks into the term (which is only 8 weeks long). So you can say I have been playing catch up for the past few weeks, while taking my capstone (but I doing great in this class!)
    • Okay so this what my final will be like, except in . All four steps were broken down into three assignments. I didn’t do so hot all those either but I got the basics down. I need you help completing the essay and making sure it grammar free. I have also shared the information from the organization this assignment is about. Also, the page limit isn’t the big issue its the content.
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