financial wealth course

The purpose of this discussion is to explore the decision to begin or optimize plans for retirement as we approach later years, quickly. In addition to providing for your loved ones when you cross-over. As we get older, we begin to spend more and more of our time thinking about retirement, and imagining all the things we’ll do when we finally get to enjoy the fruits of our many years of hard work. But too often, we get too caught up in the dream and don’t pay enough attention to putting together some kind of financial plan that will make that dream reality. Live free will gets in the way, and we end up spending instead of saving.

The more time you put off saving, the less will be available for later years’ free will. It’s never too late to start effective planning towards those retirement dreams. More than ever before, we have to assume responsibility for our own retirement savings plan.

MassMutual Financial Group targets areas that may assist individuals as they embark on preparing for those retirement years. See the attached article outlining the Top 10 questions for planning for retirement.

Question: What steps have you completed and which ones do you need to work on?

Mass Mutual article

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