Food System Supply Chain Elements in The CRFS Framework Essay

Write a 1500 word essay about food justice. Pick a topic that (a) is worth communicating because it can help us understand and/or improve food justice, and (b) concentrates on one of the 8 food system supply chain elements in the CRFS Framework (Ventura and Bailkey 2017, p. 20). See the guide for topic ideas and literature.

In this essay, you must write FOOD SYSTEM SUPPLY CHAIN ELEMENTS in the CRFS Framework.

Here is the chain elements you need to writes:

Food processing

1. V&B chap. 5;website

2. Gottlieb and Joshi (ch5. Food System Goes Global).pdf

Your essay should include at least 4 scholarly sources (peer reviewed academic publications). You only need to use the sources I gives to you. Structure your essay as a narrative that conforms to an And-But-Therefore (ABT) Story.

Please use the simple language. Thanks

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