Forensic Science The Standard For Admitting Scientific Evidence

Answer minimum of 500 words for question #1. Questions #2-4 minimum of 300 words. Must use provided material (PDF book) as well as additional sources to help support answers. Please use in-text citations in the beginning of each new paragraph. Reference/cite in APA format. DO NOT PLAGIARIZE. (Please use clear concise sentences without repeating previous statements) Here is the reference for the PDF: Saferstein, Richard (2014) Criminalistics: An Introduction to Forensic Science, 11th edition.

1.) Using the Internet research the Wayne Williams case. (In a narrative format, discuss the key facts and critical issues presented in the case. Minimum word count is 500 words for this question)

2.) What role did fiber evidence play in his conviction; be detailed

3.) Could a conviction have been rendered without the fiber evidence? What other evidence did the prosecution present?

4.) How vital was expert testimony to the case? How would you as the prosecutor have prepared the expert witnesses for trial?


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