FSM4880 Johnson Wales Alcoholic Beverages Trends Discussion

Please read the materials I provided before you start the work, thanks! https://247wallst.com/investing/2013/03/11/pricing…

Please make initial posts to this discussion forum after you have reviewed the PowerPoint presentation on Beverage Trends and read the articles and watched the videos about Beer, Wine and Spirits Trends, draw at least two conclusions from the information provided and post those conclusions to the forum.

Conclusions like “people are drinking less beer” because beer sales have fallen is not a conclusion drawn from the data. Conclusions about the
reasons for wine sales diminishing from a particular country would constitute a valid conclusion.

Discussion Forum Expectations: (this will be the expectation for all discussion forums)

In addition to making your initial post to the discussion forum, You are required to respond to at least two post from your classmates. You may respond as many times as you like to any discussion thread.

Citing Your responses:

Please include citations (with hyperlinks) at the end of your post or in your responses so other can see what you are referencing by your statements and use information you have found in future assignments and activities.

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