Global Health Goals and Health Disparities, health and medicine homework help

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Global Health Goals and Health Disparities

This assignment is designed for you to examine global health goals and health disparities. You will select one Millennium Developmental Goal (MDG) and explore a specific outcome measurement (indicator) for a country of your choice to determine the progress towards achieving the MDG. In addition, you will explore nursing roles that would be helpful in achieving the MDG.

We use the term “health disparities” to describe the phenomenon of different health outcomes of varied groups within a particular community. Access the Virtual Library and search in the CINAHL full text database the term “health disparity.” Choose at least two articles that describe health disparities of a particular population or group of people (gender, ethnic, or cultural minority). Write a 4-5 page APA formatted paper. No more than five pages of content will be accepted. A minimum of five scholarly references are required for this paper.


Include an introductory paragraph that explains the importance of the World Health Organization and the Millennium Developmental Goals (MDGs). Provides details. End with a clearly worded purpose statement.

Global Health Goals

Select one MDG and include a description of that goal and discuss how the MDG is important to global health.

Country and Goal Progress

Select any country (from module four list). Explain the country’s current status in relation to the outcome measurement being used to represent progress of the chosen MDG. Describe how the country is on track to meet this MDG or not. Include data and details.

Nursing Roles

Select two nursing roles and explain how each role can help the country achieve the chosen MDG. Provides details.

Health Disparity and Findings

Explain the term health disparity and discuss how health disparities can impact vulnerable or underserved populations. Choose one population or particular group (ethnic or cultural, underserved, vulnerable group) and describe a health disparity occurring among this group. Includes evidence, facts, and details.

Nursing Strategies

Discuss how nursing can help to eliminate this disparity or health inequality. Discuss two nursing strategies for improving the health disparity or health inequality (such as access to care, health education, health promotion and prevention, earlier screenings).


Summarize discussion of your paper.

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