Global Intelligence Must pay attention to detail!!!!!!

Deliverable 6 – Global Risk ManagementCompetencyDevelop a global risk management plan to ensure organizational success.ScenarioYou have recently been promoted to the Chief HR Officer for ACSME Manufacturing Company, which has manufacturing plants in Mexico, China, and Canada. Upon reviewing the current company risk management plan and procedures, you noted significant gaps regarding global security. After bringing this to the attention of the CEO, Ms. Natalia Rominske, she asks you to develop a global security plan for the senior leadership team outlining necessary procedures for global security including risks associated with employee security, data security, and proprietary information security. The plan must also address employee security risks related to terrorism and violence.InstructionsOutline a global security plan. Content must be listed in bulleted form and cover the following points:Risks to the company associated with global security including:Data securityProprietary information securityEmployee securitySignificant terrorism risks in each of the countries where manufacturing plants are located, including:MexicoChinaCanadaSignificant violence risks to employees in each of the countries including:MexicoChinaCanadaStrategies to ameliorate the terrorism security risks to employees in each of the three countries.Strategies to ameliorate the violence security risks to employees in each of the three countries.Strategies to protect the company’s data and proprietary information from a human capital perspective.Be sure to provide proper attribution for credible sources used in the global security plan outline.

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