Greenhouse Effect Positive and Negative Feedback of Climate Change Paper

You’ve finished the reading and all the video clips. What is the “muddiest point” for you regarding climate change? I.e. What aspect of weather, climate, the greenhouse effect, feedback loops, climate change impacts, mitigation, adaptation, etc… still seems a bit unclear to you?

To help you organize your thoughts and understanding, I listed the climate change learning objectives below, but you don’t have to address one of those questions in your post. Also, it may help you to use the framework that we used previously, “I understand ____, but don’t quite get ___” in your post, but you are not required to do so.

Climate Change Learning Objectives:

  1. Distinguish between weather and climate.
  2. Describe, in detail, how/where the “greenhouse effect” works and what is meant by the “enhanced greenhouse effect”?
  3. Explain the anthropogenic cause of climate change. List 3 major greenhouse gasses and identify major anthropogenic sources of each.
  4. Distinguish between positive feedback and negative feedback related to climate change. Give specific examples of each.
  5. Explain how climate change might affect each of the following: sea level, precipitation patterns, living organisms (give several examples), human health, and agriculture.
  6. Define & give several examples of the 2 general approaches to climate change: mitigation & adaptation.
  7. Note what we doing to prevent climate change at the international, national, state, and local level and describe the role of the IPCC.
  8. Identify what you can personally do to mitigate climate change? List several ideas for each greenhouse gas.
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