Grit reflection essay

300-400 Words: MLA Formatting (See link here)

Header and any pasted links are not part of word count

Times New Roman

12 Point Font

1 inch margins


Week 5

How do you define yourself? Do you use your achievements and awards to justify yourself?

You do not have to answer all of these questions; whichever topic interests you:

  • Erin Biba argues (“Facebook: Personal Branding Made Easy”)“You are not your facebook page or your twitter feed. They’re just snippets of you. And no one ever had a real, honest conversation with a snippet.” Comment on this statement…
  • What do you do to foster your unique values and attributes? How can you represent these values in your online presence?

(Make sure to talk as a college student)





Entry demonstrates in-depth engagement with prompt and course materials. Concisely addresses prompt by making nuanced connections between course readings, lecture topics, and personal experience. May even pose further questions, drawing out implications of course material in an original way.



Entry displays understanding of prompt. Addresses prompt by making clear (but perhaps general) connections between course readings, lecture topics, and/or personal experiences.



Entry proves student has read course materials and is aware of general questions and themes of class, but may only address the specific week’s prompt tangentially or superficially. Difficult to identify connections entry is making between course readings, lecture topics, and personal experience. Entry may even struggle or fail to meet word requirement.


& below

No work submitted before deadline or any part of entry violates academic integrity policies. Violation of academic integrity may also result in failure of course and further disciplinary sanctions.

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