Guardian Air Planning Decision Process for Helicopter Engines Management Case

Read the attached case study and drawing on the material you have covered in this course, prepare a memo to Dustin Windle. Note that this is a complex, vague, unprecedented decision – rather like one you might be soon required to provide advice on!

Your memo should begin with a short executive summary (4 or 5 sentences max) and then in 800 – 1000 words outline your insights and advice. I suggest you use 1 1/2 spacing. Your note should cover what you see as the key factors relevant to the decision and their interaction, your idea of metrics that will need to be established and met, and what other information might be needed. Provide Dustin with your insights that include both relevance and value to the decision provide process. Note that you are not expected to make or recommend a decision – your primary task is to provide him with your advice as to how he should go about it. Do not use jargon – Dustin has no idea what “unintentional blindness” (for example) might mean.

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