HA499 Bachelors Capstone in Healthcare Administration

75 words as response to this post if using in text cite also use referenceDuncan MoogiHello class and Prof.monitoring in evaluatingMonitoring is a form of evaluation or assessment, though unlike outcome or impact evaluation, it takes place shortly after an intervention has begun (formative evaluation), throughout the course of an intervention (process evaluation) or midway through the intervention (mid-term evaluation). Monitoring is not an end. Monitoring allows programs to determine what is and is not working well, so that adjustments can be made along the way. It allows programs to assess what is happening versus what was planned.Monitoring allows programs to:Implement remedial measures to get programs back on track and remain accountable to the expected results the program is aiming to achieve.Determine how funds should be distributed across the program activities.Collect information that can be used in the evaluation process.When monitoring activities are not carried out directly by the decision-makers of the program it is crucial that the findings from those monitoring activities are coordinated and fed back to them. Information from monitoring activities can also be disseminated to different groups outside of the organization which helps promote transparency and provides an opportunity to obtain feedback from key stakeholders. (UN Women 31 October 2010).Typical challenges for the effective use of monitoring and evaluation are lack of experience, limited financial and staff resources, gaps in technical knowledge with regard to defining performance indicators, the retrieval, collection, preparation and interpretation of data, and inefficient monitoring and evaluation practices. (Ch4llenge n.d.)

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