Hammurabi and Caesar Augustus Essay History Assignment

Your answer should be at about 1000 words. The question covers material from the first seven units. As always, spelling and grammar do count. Please note which one of the three situations you are addressing in your answer. Post your answers right here just like you do with your assignments.

You are a waiter at Delmonico’s, famous restaurant in New York. Lucky you, when you find out you’ve been assigned exclusively to the table of two very famous personalities. Since you are hovering discreetly, ready to tend to their every need, you are able to eavesdrop on their astounding discussion through out the evening. Report everything you hear them discussing. What do they discuss, what do they argue about, who is astounded by what? What do they agree upon? (Note: really use your imagination on this one.)

Choose one of the following three tables to serve and write about:

table 1: Hammurabi and Caesar Augustus are discussing the character a ruler must possess, plus how to successfully give laws and govern people.

table 2: Akenaten and Julius Caesar are comparing their empires, how an empire ought to be ruled, and the mistakes a ruler needs to avoid.

table 3: A rather astounded citizen of the Roman Empire has just returned from a trip around the known world in the 3rd century AD, and is describing all of the Empires he encountered to his equally astounded wife. Just imagine what he would tell her, and the questions she would ask.

Be very creative, don’t generalize, use lots of facts, information and quotes (if you can find them), to create the conversation that would flow between these two very different people. This may take the form of a play or a story, whichever you choose, just don’t make it a complete straight narrative. Remember as you write, you are trying to convince me that you have learned a lot about the Ancient world and its civilizations.

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