Hip Hop 1987 to 1997 Era Political Commentaries Journal Entry No 4

here is the professor prompt:

  1. For Journal No. 4, consider the notion of “reality rap.” We have discussed the ways in which a number of hip-hop artists working between roughly 1987 and 1997 have very deliberately used their music to represent stark–and sometimes disturbing–realities of personal experience. We have also considered the way in which hip-hop critics and fans have looked to hip-hop from this period to do this work of representation, seeking “authenticity,” “otherness,” and/or political commentary in this music. What do you make of this notion? What are the “realities” at stake in this subgenre of rap music? How representative are these “texts”: how accurately or inaccurately do they reflect the lived experiences of hip-hop audiences in particular? How do stereotypes of race and gender factor into this idea, this music, and the “culture of consumption” for hip-hop audiences of the time? Consider choosing one song in particular on which you can focus your response. As always, be thoughtful and thorough, and pay attention to the composition of your response.

please feel free to use NWA lyrics for example

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